Halloween Craft: Make Paper Pumpkins

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paper pumpkin

As a child growing up, Halloween was always a low-key affair. We maybe got a fun plastic face mask and if we asked nicely (pleaded!) mum would take us to a few neighbours homes for trick or treat. But back then, Halloween wasn’t really a ‘thing’.

Nowadays, there’s a noticeable shift in trends. Stores are filled with Halloween costumes, decor and treats and whilst we may not be in the league of celebrations in the USA, it’s so much more fun!

I also hope that all the fun we have dressing up and making Halloween crafts will create some wonderful memories and traditions that our children will remember for many years to come.

How To Make Paper Pumpkins

These paper pumpkins are perfect for little fingers. My 7 year old can confidently use the paper trimmer (with supervision), but you may need to help with the cutting for younger children.

We’ve left these paper pumpkins empty, but they’d be great also filled with sweets or spooky treats for a perfect party favour or table place setting. Just write a name on the leaf!

You will need:

  • Sheets of A4 paper or light card in Halloween colours (black, orange, gold etc)
  • Paper trimmer, craft knife or scissors
  • Small amount of green scrap card for leaves
  • Green or brown pipe cleaners
  • Sellotape

paper cutter

Fold your sheet of paper or light card in half width ways and trim into 1.5cm strips.

paper pumpkin

Using a hole punch, punch a hole on the edge of the fold.

(Be sure it’s on the edge so that when you open the fold you have one large hole and not two separate holes).

Pumpkin Tip: it can be tricky to see exactly where you are punching the hole, miss the centre and make a hole in the edge. Grab a marker pen and swipe some ink in the centre of your fold. Remove the back from your hole punch (have fun with all those paper sprinkles!) and expose the cutting area. Holding the punch upside down you can now insert your paper and easily see where to line up.

Make paper pumpkin craft

When you have finished punching your folded ends, turn your paper strip round and punch a hole in the open ends.

This time insert your paper all the way to the guide-edge in your punch, so the hole is created a short way down the strip.

Pumpkin Tip: Once again I used a marker pen to highlight the centre area. I used a marker pen with a magic eraser end so I could mostly hide any marks left behind :)

making a pumpkin

Gather all your strips together, insert a pipe cleaner through the centre hole and use a little Sellotape to secure on the outer strip only.

make a paper pumpkin

Fan out your paper strips, and aim for an even(ish) spacing all around.

Secure in place with a little Sellotape.

assemble paper pumpkin

Take one strip and begin by threading the end hole over the pipe cleaner.

Continue all the way round in a clockwise direction.

Pumpkin Tip: Why not fill your pumpkin with sweet treats or spooky critters – these would make an awesome party favour or table place setting!

make a paper pumpkin

Cut two leaves from a scrap of green card, fold down the centre to create a leaf vein and punch a hole in the end. Thread onto your pipe cleaner.

Twist the surplus end of your pipe cleaner around a pen or pencil and create a curly pumpkin stalk.


We made pumpkins in black, dark brown, gold and orange. So pretty!

paper pumpkins

Love this? See also: sweet/candy-free crepe paper pumpkin craft! 

Do you make any Halloween crafts? Share your fab ideas in the comments below! 

xoxo Natalie


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  1. Iris says

    It’s awesome how such a beautiful pumpkin can be made in so little time. I am making apples – red & green . Hope they turn out as good as your pumpkind.


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