Our Halloween… How Do You Do Yours?

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I absolutely love Halloween and so wish we could make the occasion last a little longer.

So, in a (not-so) subtle attempt to stretch out the fun just a little bit more, I thought I’d share with you some snapshots and highlights showing how our family celebrate Halloween!



At this point Lauren abandoned our Halloween pumpkin preparations squealing something like, “Eurgh! I’m not putting my hands in there!” 

We didn’t mind. Actually, I was secretly pleased as it meant I got to complete a pumpkin all by myself :)

scooping out pumpkin

Such a boy – and not at all squeamish!

scooping pumpkin

Star Wars pumpkin

Thomas is totally Lego-obsessed, so it came as no surprise that he wanted a Lego Star Wars Storm Trooper for his pumpkin.

Hello Kitty pumpkin

Lauren, by far a more girly-girl, was quite determined to go with Hello Kitty. Even if she wasn’t prepared to help in any way.

Pumpkin traditionalists we are not.

zombie cookies

… and of course, you can’t have Halloween without zombies. Ha, and I bet you thought they were just decorate-your-own gingerbread men, right?

Thomas werewolf

Don’t be scared! It’s only Thomas :)

werewolf costume

This year, I was super-organised and actually made Lauren’s Halloween costume.

Here’s a link to my free tutorial if you would like to find out how to make a Halloween tutu, too!

Lauren witch

witches Halloween tutu

We never manage any photos without Lauren pulling some goofy faces.

Thomas and Lauren

Lauren and Thomas

For us, Halloween is all about the FUN, and that includes the food, too.

Luckily, inspiration was on-hand from Lynsey over at Moscato Mom as we made some of her delicious yummy mummy dogs .


healthy Halloween food

See what I did here?

Yep, I totally sneaked some healthy food into the evening. Well, it was orange and green! But if anyone asks, it’s zombie food, m’kay?

Halloween candy sweets

And then there was sweetie overload x 1 million.

Halloween glow sticks

Ball and chain… who knew 99p Stores glow-sticks could be so much fun?!

And finally…

Ta Da! I present to you… Halloween pumpkins 2013: Hello Kitty and Lego Star Wars Storm Trooper.

Hello Kitty & Star Wars pumpkins

Oh and those cobwebs? They are totally left-over fibres from the decorations. They so are.

Do you celebrate Halloween? What do you wear? What do you get up to?

Leave a comment below, or if you have any pics, feel free to share them on my wall. I’d love to see them!

~ Natalie

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    • Natalie says

      Lyns, those Mummy Dogs were fantastic – the kids loved them! And SO easy to make. Thank you for sharing your awesome recipe :)

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