Halfway through 2014: goal check

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30/06/14… Happy last day of June!

We are HALF WAY through 2014 – isn’t that crazy! Where has the time gone?

Earlier today, my dear friend Lynsey sent an email out to her party plan community asking, “How are you doing with your BOLD goals? Are you half way there?” and whilst my BOLD goals are very personal goals this year, YES! Yes I am!

35 lbs weight loss picture1. Lose  50lbs If you read my original goal post, you will see that I had not expected to reach my goal this summer. Not only am I over half way there, I’m 7/10ths of the way there! This summer is going to be so much sweeter than last – I cannot wait to splurge on a new summer wardrobe!

2. Get braces. Done! They are on 😀 I’ll be sharing a brace-face update later this week, so stay tuned!

3. Take more photos. I seem to have my camera and/or iPhone permanently attached to me these days. It’s made me truly appreciate all the beauty and ‘little bits of happy’ that surround us daily. And food. I take lots of photos of food, lol. I’m also going to take part (again) in the Fat Mum Slim photo-a-day challenge. It’s a great way to have fun with photography and find inspiration all around you. Oh, and Chantelle (Fat Mum Slim) has also launched a really cool new ‘Little Moments App’ which I just LOVE! Go check it out!


4. Learn how to use my camera. Well, I’m certainly no pro, but I think I’ve finally got a really good understanding of how to use my camera and the relationship between aperture, shutter speed and ISO. I’m also trying hard to learn how to best compose my shots to get the best results.

5. Go on more adventures. We’ve just booked our 2nd camping trip for this year (yay!) and hope to squeeze in many more. It’s always a gamble with the British weather, but great fun nonetheless. It’s so lovely to unplug for a few days at a time and enjoy the great outdoors.

6. Save. I am doing the 52-week savings challenge and whilst I may have forgotten the occasional week, I’m certain to have caught up by the end of the year. I’ve also planned a revised version for 2015 which I will release with a free printable early this Autumn.

7. Grow One Busy WAHM. Since starting OBW last May, it has been an honour to connect with so many wonderful people.  This year, my numbers have trebled against last year already – and I have been so touched to read your comments and emails cheering me on in my journey. There’s also the private messages and comments I’ve received telling me how I’ve inspired others to start their own journey. I’m blown away. So honoured to share this with you!

Did you set any goals or resolutions this year?

How are you getting along?

Leave me a comment below or hop on over to my Facebook wall – let me know how you are getting along. I want to hear!

~ Natalie



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    Congratulations on getting so far with your goals! At this rate, you may need to start early on next years’! You’re looking great too btw! You’ll have to share when you start building your new wardrobe.

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