Hairy Beast Be Gone with Nair Argan Oil Hair Remover

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Nair argan oil

What beauty maintenance do you tend to neglect?

Is it nails? Waxing? Getting your brows done?

Me, I tend to neglect my legs, but only in the winter. They are hidden under woollen layers and from time to time may get a haphazard once-over with Hubby’s razor, assuming he’s left it within arm’s reach of the bath tub.

This summer, I’m a totally different story. Hello sunshine!

With bare legs on show, I’m all about the silky smooth. WILL NOT STOP until I’m totally de-fuzzed and woe betide any stubble *shudders*.

Nair Argan Oil

I’m all for salon pampering, but one thing I refuse to pay for is waxing. Giiiiirl, I don’t want to part with my hard-earned cash to have pain inflicted upon me, flash my nether regions to a total stranger, all whilst making small talk about where I’m going for my holidays this year. No thank you.

With Nair Argan Oil I’m all about that salon-smooth finish at home.

I’m a total wuss when it comes to hair removal, so I like to switch between cream and wax depending on how brave I’m feeling :)

Dare to Bare

It’s been a long time since I bared my legs in public… like a long, long time. YEARS! But it’s amazing what a 60 lb weight loss can do for your confidence.

I may have knobbly knees, be deflecting sun beams off my whiter-than-white pins, but oh, they are silky smooth.


Less Pain, More Pamper

Grab a glass of wine, a trashy celeb magazine and go pamper thy self!

pamper thy self

You might like Skin By Nair if…

  • your Hubby always complains you steal his razors (who, me? :) )
  • you’re looking for a quick and (mostly) painless hair removal treatment
  • you like an excuse to lock yourself away for some uninterrupted pampering***
  • you love that silky swish of clothing against stubble-free skin

*** cannot guarantee no interruptions

I’m in love with the fragrance. The bottle says it’s infused with moisturising and nourishing Argan oil and cocoa butter, but I think it smells like towels, fresh from the line, mixed with sunshine and a dash of soap — refreshing and clean, and it totally makes me feel fresh and pampered.






*This is a sponsored post written in collaboration with Nair. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. says

    I tried Nair YEARS ago when I was a teen, I had a bad reaction so I never tried it again… Thinking it might be time to see if it would work now, I hate shaving!

    • says

      I’d maybe try a test patch first, but the formula is so much better than years ago – you may be pleasantly surprised.

      It’s not just hair removal cream, but they also do Nair Wax Strips (for all over the body!). Check it out!

  2. says

    With the amount of time I’ll spend in shorts this summer, I need this. Thanks for recommending it. I’ll grab some at my next trip to Target.

  3. Kendra says

    I love a good smooth leg (in the summer like you) so I’ll have to check this out. I’m a little sad that it doesn’t come with the uninterrupted time. I would pay tons of good money for that.

  4. says

    Years ago I decided to try Nair but the smell make my eyes itchy. I wish I was able to use it instead of shaving all the time.

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