Guilt-Free: Healthy Campfire Pizza

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One of my favourite things about camping is enjoying great food cooked outdoors.

camp fire pizza

But I’ve worked so hard on my weight loss this year, I don’t want to throw it all away with a weekend of over-indulgence.

This campfire pizza tastes great and is easy on the waistline, too. And because you don’t need an oven – just a single frying pan – it’s perfect for camping (or quick meals at home when you don’t fancy lots of washing up :) ).

Campfire Pizza


(Makes 4)

4 wholemeal tortilla wraps
Frylight (or low-calorie cooking spray)
1 small jar of light pizza sauce or passata
140g light cheddar cheese, grated
6 low fat sausages
8-10 mushrooms, sliced
1 medium red onion, sliced
1 bag of ready to eat rocket leaves
Your favourite salad dressing

camp fire pizza


Spritz a non-stick pan with Frylight and gently cook the mushrooms and 3/4 of the onion until soft. Set aside.

Add the sausages to the pan and cook thoroughly until coloured on all sides and hot right through. Chop into 1/2 inch slices and set aside.

Wipe the pan clean with a sheet of kitchen paper and spritz with Frylight once again.

Place a tortilla wrap in the pan, cook until it just begins to turn a golden brown then turn it over.

Spread a heaped tablespoon of light pizza sauce / passata over the cooked side of the tortilla, top with your cooked and sliced sausage, onion and mushrooms.

Sprinkle with reduced fat cheddar.

Put the lid on your pan – or if you don’t have a lid – cover your pan with a sheet of foil (don’t burn yourself!)

Leave for 3-5 minutes until the cheese has melted and all ingredients are warmed through.

camp fire pizza

Top your campfire pizza with a handful of rocket leaves and thin slices of red onion. Serve with a drizzle of your favourite dressing. Right now, I love Sainsbury’s chilli, lime and coriander dressing!

There you have it!

Campfire pizza al fresco.


xoxo Natalie


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    • Natalie says

      The ultimate thin and crispy!
      The kiddos just love these when we go camping – but they are so easy to do at home, too 😀

  1. says

    Well that’s Saturdays dinner sorted then. I’ve been craving a pizza for a while now but can’t bring myself to buy one because of the carbs. I never thought about using tortilla wraps. Great recipe!

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