Goodbye Summer. Hello…

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Goodbye summer.

Hello Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas and New Year!

Oh September.

I am all about September.

Back to school and back to business.
Routine… where have you been? I’ve missed you! 

This September, I have so much I want to cram in. It’s going to be one crazy busy month.

Girlie time. School holidays are always so hectic and I’ve missed spending quality time with my favourite girl friends. We have so much to catch up on!

Me time. Shoulder deep baths, candles, beautiful scented bubbles, a chilled glass of my favourite wine…

Shopping. I’m talking proper retail therapy. Alone. Without children in tow wanting toilet stops, snack stops and whining to go home. Oh cute woollen sweaters, I will be finding you.

Trashy TV. Year-round, I rarely watch any tv, but come September I’m drawn to the sofa armed with my favourite snuggly blanket. As celebrity BB draws to an end and X Factor begins, it’s like the magical Christmas countdown has begun.

Romance. September is our wedding anniversary month. 9 years! Usually, we don’t fuss over anniversaries, but I’d like to do something special this year. I’m not sure what, just yet.

Celebrate. My dad turns 70 this month and we’re throwing him a birthday BBQ. He thinks it’s just a few burgers in the garden, I’d like to surprise him with a little more.

Focus. It’s not just the kiddos who have gone back to school. I have too! I’ve signed up for a month long blogging and photography class. I love to grow my knowledge and I’m excited to get started.

Capture. iPhone or DSLR, I will carry a camera wherever I go. Say, “Cheese!”

What’s on your agenda this September?

xoxo Natalie


Photo credit: Claire Gaul



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  1. says

    It seems like there’s a lot on the agenda around these parts – mainly because both my husband and his mother celebrate their birthdays this month and American football has returned so birthday celebrations have to be worked around football celebrations (hopefully – this Sunday they were disappointments).

    I’ve got a ton of things that I want to do personally but I’m not sure how likely they are to actually get done. There are a couple of DIY projects at the house that I’d really like to get finished up, but I’m not sure when we will be home long enough to get them done. *sigh* Football really complicates things LOL

    • Natalie says

      It sounds like you have a wonderful month coming up!

      Be sure to squeeze in some of your plans, too. Don’t let the boys get all the fun with football!

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