Freezing Fresh Herbs For Dinner {and Cocktails!}

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I love cooking with fresh herbs. It makes me feel all domestic goddess-like, even if my culinary herb-dish repertoire rarely extends beyond a spag bol or roasted leg of lamb.

But buying fresh herbs every time a dish calls for them can be so expensive. So, when my mother-in-law recently gifted me a little herb basket she had potted, I was thrilled to have a selection of fresh herbs right outside my kitchen window!


Sadly, the recent weeks of rainfall, followed by our current heatwave has meant that my beloved herbs have grown all crazy! Sprouting tall and woody stems, with sunburned leaves, I just know there is not much life left in them.

But did you know you could freeze herbs?

A perfect solution to save my little herb crop from going to waste, plus ensuring I will continue to have fresh herbs on hand, long after the plants have sadly wilted.

How To Freeze Fresh Herbs


  • Cut some stems from your herb plant and rinse thoroughly
  • Gently pinch the leaves to remove any fibrous or woody stems
  • Roughly chop and add to ice cube trays in portion sizes (I add approx 1 teaspoon per cube)
  • S-l-o-w-l-y top with water and freeze

Freezing herbs


Frozen Fresh Herbs – Perfect For Cocktails! 


Frozen herbs for cocktails

Fresh mint for mojitos and Pimms

Pimms? Mojitos? Ooh, go on then!

But they’re never quite the same without FRESH mint, are they?

When freezing your mint, be sure to prepare a few cubes with WHOLE leaves, not chopped. This will ensure you will always have herbs and ice on-hand, when cocktail-o’clock strikes. I’m sure chopped mint will be just fine, but it could look a whole lot like chilled mint soup :)


Tell me… what is YOUR favourite dinner dish or cocktail that uses fresh herbs?

~ Natalie

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