When Every Little DoesN’T Help

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Tesco Clubcard vouchers

This year, I have resolved to eat healthier, lose weight, get fit and take better care of the wellbeing of both my family and myself. So when my local supermarkets mail me coupons and vouchers to use with their loyalty cards, I always check to see what I can use. Maybe save money on a regular purchase, or try something new for dinner this week. Good, right?


Cooking from scratch every evening has been a source of pleasure and not the chore I expected it to be. In the time it takes to open a freezer packet and bake some frozen breaded chicken or the like, I can more-or-less bake a fresh chicken breast and steam some fresh veggies, too.

But it comes at a price.

Fresh meat and vegetables are by far more expensive than their frozen equivalent. And I understand that. I know good food comes at a price and that British farmers get a raw deal when it comes to profit margins.

Recently I received a booklet of vouchers from Tesco with money off or Clubcard points for doughnuts, chocolate, sweets, crisps, popcorn, cakes, sweet tarts or pies, 3 x 200ml cartons of longlife juice, hot drinks, chilled pizza, pizza bread, biscuits, tinned vegetables or fresh milk.

To be fair, fresh milk is not unhealthy. And yes, they’ve included tinned vegetables.

But ugh! at everything else.

I know supermarkets don’t have to mail these out at all (don’t look a gift-horse in the mouth and all that…) but there will be an underlying marketing plan here, for sure. You don’t go to the supermarket for the sole purpose of buying doughnuts (do you?), but instead grab a pack as an addition to your regular groceries. I’m guessing these are top-up items designed to increase the spend-per-trolley ratios.

I just don’t get it. Since I (and my entire neighbourhood for that matter) have another 3 supermarkets that are CLOSER, why don’t they send out vouchers that will incentivise the extra mile journey to their store? After all, they’ve got my address and know where the competition lies.

Every little helps? Sorry, Tesco. This year my willpower is strong! 25p off a bag of fresh doughnuts just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Do you use coupons when you shop? Where do you find the best offers for healthy and nutritious foods?

~ Natalie

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  1. says

    I hardly shop at Tesco these days because I can get all my basic healthy food elsewhere for less. I have few vouchers but nothing I would buy, I don’t do junk food or ready meals, ok I don’t mind chocolate lol. As you said, it’s probably a marketing plan, never thought about it till now. For me, sending me vouchers for products I am unlikely to buy made me shop around. Tesco should keep track of their customers shopping habbit, if Tesco was sending me vouchers for what I would buy then I would probably shop there more often.

  2. says

    Hi Natalie, I actually wrote a whole post about the price of organic food compared to regular (scary) and then ended with some tips to include joining a CSA, using the farmers market, buying local foods, and checking out canned and frozen varieties too–you can find organic in the freezer aisle! Honestly though, food shouldn’t be this hard!!!

  3. says

    I always thought the vouchers were based on your actual shopping? My booklet had money off celery and oranges which I buy lots of for juicing. I don’t buy sweets and snacks and therefore I didn’t get these vouchers in my booklet. (I did get one for wine though 😉 )

    • Natalie says

      Hey Joanne! Thanks for stopping by :)

      The crazy thing is, I rarely shop there… I can’t even remember the last time I bought doughnuts, popcorn, sweet tarts or tinned veg etc. Maybe an occasional tin of red kidney beans for chilli – but that’s all.

      Glad to see you get the good vouchers though! Maybe I need to shop there MORE for them to see my spending habits, perhaps? These don’t entice me though!

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