What’s Your Earliest Make-Up Memory?

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What’s Your Earliest Make-Up Memory?


I can’t even begin to remember when I first discovered make-up, but my earliest memories star my mum who has always had the most wonderful make-up collection.

Slumped on the shelf at the end of the bath, you could always find her large, flowery make-up bag lying unzipped and screaming with temptation.

I so vividly remember her Boots No. 7 palettes which, back then, you could custom-fill with your own eyeshadow refill pans. A quadrant of taupes and browns, with my favourite shimmering beige always worn through to the bottom.

Her make-up bag lightly stained with pigmented dust and occasional pencil shavings.

And the smell! The wonderful ‘old-school’ scent of  make-up wafting up as I rummaged through when she wasn’t looking. Sometimes sneaking a sweep of her favourite plum Max Factor lipstick in it’s glamourous gold casing, or perhaps just dab of face-cream. (Sorry, mum!)

My children, however, are not so discreet in their discovery of my make-up.

What is YOUR earliest make-up memory?

~ Natalie

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  1. says

    lol, your kids are adorable in makeup :)

    My earliest makeup memory is watching my mom apply hers. She always had a faint scent of powdery makeup.

  2. says

    I was a bit older because my Mom would not allow it, and she never wore much makeup, so there wasn’t any around to get into. LOL. I think I was about 15 before I ever tried lip gloss and a little blush.

  3. says

    I remember that my mother had make-up from the 70s. I’m talking bright blue creamy eye shadow and everything. My earliest memory is one of my big sister and I plastered in makeup wearing our new swimsuits. My parents have the embarrassing photo to preserve that memory too. 😛

  4. says

    Wow..that must have been nice. My earliest memory of make-up was when I was a young teenager and the lady where we boarded our horses at noticed I have never worn make-up and neither did my Mom. She took me in her house and taught me how to put make-up on. Then I had to teach my mother when she was in her forties how to wear it for a date she was going.

    Now I wear it for special occasions. So when my husband sees me wear it, he gets excited.

  5. says

    I remember that old school make up smell clearly, lol. My earliest memory of meant to be makeup was m mom taking me to a Mary Kay party when I was a teen. My kids however will be reminded of how they used my waterproof mascara at ages 2 and 3 to paint every wall, tv and the brand new cream couch until the day I die, lol.

  6. Carla Kennedy says

    oooh…. what a great post… Can I borrow it on my blog???!

    Anyway, I go way back into time and I can remember my mom using Revlon and Vicki Nail polish … my (her) fave color was “Dig That Pink” And when you mentioned that old fashioned Maeup smell… I could almost smell it in my minds eye (er nose)… I think it is almost mandatory for little girls to play in their mom’s make up. What a wonderful memory you have invoked with this post. 😉

  7. says

    Oh good lord…i cannot remember my OWN, but my kids…yeah. I can remember charlotte getting a $30 tube of mascara and rubbing it up and down her arm. Took like 2 weeks to get off of her.

  8. says

    I remember one of my Mum’s friends buying me a pink pearly nail polish and pink shimmery eye shadow when I was about 8, which I loved. I rarely wore make-up until recently (beyond my teenage try outs) when I realised that I now need a little more help – and there are so many beauty goodies out there it seems a shame not to wear it.

    Slightly non-makeup related, but do you remember those talc gift sets that used to be everywhere at Christmas? Talc was in a little round tub, with a big duster (if you were very glam the duster had a wand!)??

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