After-School Treat: Coco Pop Cake Pops

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Coco Pop Cake Pops

I love to make cake pops as a little surprise treat for when the children come home from school.

So, when a One Busy WAHM reader recently left a comment asking how to make chocolate cake pop batter I totally took that as an excuse to go make a batch :)

Coco Pop Cake Pops

They couldn’t be easier!

Taking my easy chocolate cake pop recipe, I simply coated my cooked cake pops in chocolate and then dipped them into Coco Pops.

Top Cake Pop Tip: If you need to press the Coco Pops into the chocolate to help set, grab a handful of Coco Pops first. This helps you fill any gaps and saves getting chocolatey hands!

Crunchy toasted rice. Smooth milk chocolate. Soft sponge cake.


Ummm, I mean… the children totally LOVED them!


~ Natalie



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  1. says

    Very, very pretty and I’d never seen cocopops used in cake pops before – love the effect. Pinned! Thanks so much for linking up to #recipeoftheweek. There’s a new linky live now, so I do hope you’ll pop over and join in :)

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