Check Your Boobies (.)(.)

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You know the song that goes, “It’s a bootie call, it’s a bootie ca-aall…”


Okay, now you’ve got that in your head, try changing the words to:

“It’s a booby call, it’s a booby call… ”

That’s right, ladies, consider this your official Booby Call!

October is breast cancer awareness month, and we all KNOW we should be checking our breasts every month, but hands up who actually does?

I thought so.

Ooh, keep those hands up. Perfect time for a quick check! Assuming you’re not in the middle of a shared office or something. Because, well, that could be embarrassing :)

Seriously though… too many women are losing their health, their breasts, their lives to breast cancer and such a simple check can help with early detection.

So, if you haven’t done so already, please do take a moment TODAY to check your breasts before another day / week / month / year passes and it’s forgotten once again.

If your unsure of how to, or what to look for, take a look at Breakthrough Breast Cancer’s guide on how to check your breasts.

… and when you’re done, come back and leave a comment below! Spread the word!


~ Natalie

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  1. says

    Thanks for the reminder! Mine are all kinds of weird right now because I’m pregnant, so I’ve actually been checking more than usual, but I admit that pre-pregnancy I didn’t check often enough.

  2. says

    What a great reminder! I actually developed a cyst while I was pregnant with my youngest. Scariest thing finding it, but I’m so thankful that I checked! While it doesn’t run in my family, I have plenty of women around me that have had scares or actually survived breast cancer.

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