Cheap & fun chocolate-free Easter basket for children

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Easter basket

My children both love chocolate (they take after me, for sure!) but they get so much at Easter-time, and I was hesitant to add to the overload.

1) Because there is a real danger I may accidentally land face-first into their chocolate eggs after they have gone to bed, and 2) it leads to a very stressful few weeks of saying, “No, you cannot have chocolate for breakfast,” “No, you cannot have another egg today, ” “No you cannot skip dinner because you have filled up on chocolate.”

Thomas is pretty sharp and quickly asked for cash instead of an Easter gift. Lauren, on the other hand.. at 5, she is still my baby girl and loves all things pink and pretty and asked for an Easter basket. Now, Easter baskets can get expensive pretty quickly, so I hunted around for some fun Easter basket fillers that didn’t cost the earth.

Lo-Cost Easter Basket Fillers

Basket, £1 – Poundland // Fluffy chick, £1 – Poundland // Bunny ears, £1 – Poundland // Frozen surprise egg, 3 for £1 – Poundland // Bunny purse, £2 – Primark //
Pink sunglasses, £1 – Primark // Windmill, £0.99 – 99p Stores

(The pink shredded tissue and crepe ribbon bow I already had at home in my box of party supplies).

Easter baset

I am really pleased with how it turned out and I just know she will love it!

The Easter Bunny *may* have gotten them a little gold Lindt bunny, too. But one nibble, and they are gone!

Do you give Easter gifts in your house? Tell me, are you a chocolate traditionalist, or do you give other Easter gifts, too?


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