Cake In The Breadmaker Machine… Who Knew?!

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bread maker cake recipe

Hands up who owns a bread maker machine.

Okay, now hands up who actually USES it?

Thought so.

I have a corner of my kitchen designated for appliances. Appliances that I no longer use. Appliances that bedazzled me with promises of culinary prowess, yet failed to earn their keep. It’s a culinary appliance graveyard. (Looking forlornly at my bread maker, Soda Stream, Breville toaster and myriad of other appliances). 

So, yesterday, as I was having a ‘wipe-the-dust-off-the-top-of-things-I-don’t-use’ moment, I reached inside my bread maker to pull out the recipe book and have a flip through.

There were cake recipes. Cake recipes for a bread maker! 

Who knew?!

Okay, that just goes to show how often I’ve even looked at this. And what excited me more than cake, was realising I had all the ingredients for the recipe.

Raisin Cake For Breadmaker


  • 250g plain flour
  • 125g white sugar (I switched this to demerara sugar)
  • 250ml milk
  • 60g butter
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 tbsp raisins (I emptied two packs of kids lunchbox raisins)
  • 1 tbsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp vanilla essence
  • 1/4 tsb salt

I thought it would be fun to make this a little carrot-cakey, so I also added:

  • a heaped tsb mixed spice
  • large carrot, grated


  • Put the milk, butter, eggs and vanilla essence into the loaf tin, then add the remaining ingredients.
  • Close the lid, set your machine to ‘Cake’ and go!
  • When it’s finished, let it cool for at least 10 minutes in the loaf tin, then remove it and let it cool on a wire rack.


When this cake finished and finally cooled, I flipped it out of its pan and it felt HEAVY. Like brick heavy. Ugh, I was convinced this was a total fail and waste of ingredients.

That said, I’m always willing to give cake a try :)

Cutting a first slice still left me unconvinced.
It looked stodgy and moist and not all fluffy and cake-like.

Um, still willing to try…

This was amazing.

Think carrot-cake-meets-bread-pudding. SO, SO good!

What’s the damage?

For those of you (us!) following the Slimming World plan, this cake contains 100 syns in total. BUT!!! this easily cuts 14 slices, so just 7 syns per slice. And yes, I know a ‘few’ of those slices may be erm, ‘missing’ from the photo above. What can I say? It was good!

A perfect mid-afternoon treat with a hot cup of tea. Enjoy!

xoxo Natalie

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  1. says

    It does look very dense but when you said bread pudding – YUM-MY! I didn’t know you could make cake in the bread maker either – we also own a fairly dusty one! x

    • Natalie says

      Yes, yes you can! And apparently jam is pretty awesome made in the bread maker too, and it only needs fruit and sugar.

      Geez, I really should read the manuals that come with these things. I’ve been missing out on so much!

  2. says

    I’ve always wondered how a cake would turn out as I’ve seen a cake recipe in the instructions! That’s awesome! Your soda stream is dusty? That’s one of the hardest working appliances in our house. Were replacing beer/wine with soda water atm, trying to be good :) and do tell me, are syns the same as ww points? Thanks for the recipe x

    • Natalie says

      I actually love our Soda Stream but find the gas canisters expensive to buy when supermarket-branded fizzy drinks (which are lovely) are so much more affordable.

  3. says

    I like the idea of any appliance that promises me cake without actually having to do anything except put the ingredients in. Did you really not have to mix anything? It does that too? I don’t have a bread maker (I know I’d never use it) but our sodastream is (like Jo said) our hardest working appliance. We use it a couple of times a day. I never drink flat water anymore. Always fizzy!
    Do you mean you have to buy full canisters every time? Not just refill ones? Our refills are about $15 and that probably does about 60 litres of soda for us. Bargain!

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