BritMumsLive2015: What I’m Wearing To Blog Conference

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Aaaah, it’s blog conference season again already and I’m very excited to be heading off to London in a couple of weeks for Brit Mums Live, 2015.

Brit Mums Live is the UK’s biggest, two-day social media conference and blogger event. A place where lifestyle bloggers and social influencers  meet. We share success stories. We create relationships with brands. We become better bloggers.

Over the coming weeks I will be sharing many highlights from the event, but right now, the focus amongst bloggers is… “What shall I wear?!

What I’m Wearing…

What I'm wearing

Blouse, skinny jeans & necklace – from my wardrobe
Marisol handbag // Precious flats 

If you are heading to a blog conference this year, this is what I recommend wearing:

  • Comfortable shoes. Those killer heels may look fabulous, but what you need are comfortable-on-your-feet-all-day-long shoes. You will be trekking across the city from your hotel to the conference centre and maybe for dinner and cocktails after. You will be on your feet. A lot. Don’t let uncomfortable shoes ruin your blog conference fun and experience.
  • Thin layers. Hotels and conference facilities have a tendency to be either really warm or icy cold. Neither is particularly comfortable. Thin layers allow you to adapt throughout the day without having to carry lots of bulky extra clothing.
  • Pretty and practical. It’s a blog conference – there WILL be lots of photos and selfies and you will want to look and feel your best! A bold or crazy outfit will surely make you stand out and be memorable, but choose an outfit you will feel comfortable and confident wearing. A large, stylish handbag is also essential for carrying your business cards, notepad and pen, DSLR, iPhone and all other blogger essentials.

Are you going to Brit Mums Live?

Don’t be shy! Stop me and say, “Hi!” I’d love to meet you :)

I’m SO grateful for my Brit Mums Live Conference sponsor:

Hotter Shoes

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  1. says

    Oh have fun! I’m going to my first blogging conference in August on the Gold Coast and I can’t wait! I will certainly bear your wardrobe tips in mind and I’m looking forward to finding out all about your conference adventures. I hope there will be a post conference post?!

  2. says

    This is a banging outfit and great tips! I am off with the girls above to my first bloggy conference and feeling all the nerves. And you’re right I don’t want to be known as ‘the large flower print dress’. Got it. JT x

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