Bring On The Summer!

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After what seems like the longest wait ever, summer has finally arrived!

Summer is my favourite season and everyone just seems so much happier, don’t they?!

I love how the kids are entertained and have so much fun – just being outdoors, and water play is one sure-fire winner every summertime that never loses its allure!

Forget the tv, expensive Lego sets, and the hi-tech digital gadgets… this summer just pull out the garden hose and let the kids have fun! (Supervised, of course!)

No matter how hot the temperatures reach this summer – just add water! And the best part is, it’s FREE. Well, kinda.

Garden Fun

Our Essential Accessories For Great Water Play: 

  • Garden sprinkler, water guns, hose pipes.  Enjoy their squeals of delight as they splash in the sun!
  • Sun protection. You know the score… apply liberally and often and get water-resistant for extra staying power. Their young skin burns so easily.
  • Crocs. My kids love them (I hate them!) but they are just perfect for water-play and to protect little toes from sharp stones.
  • Ice pops to cool down. Mandatory.

Pool splash

What’s your child’s favourite way to cool down in the summer?



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