Breakfast Banana Split

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Breakfast banana split

The kiddos thought I had gone stir-crazy this morning when I served up banana splits for breakfast. Little did they know, they were totally healthy and nutritious and such a fun way to start our morning.

You see, I found myself in a rut at breakfast time. We have the same old cereals day in and day out (and have you seen how much sugar can be in some of them? Yikes!)

So, today I decided to shake it up a little…

A delicious sweet and ripe banana, topped with Total zero-fat greek yoghurt and fresh raspberries. 

For extra fun:

Grab a plastic bag and piping nozzle and pipe your yoghurt just like whipped cream :)

This dish would also work great with blueberries, peaches or any other soft fruit you fancy!

Why not add a drizzle of honey and a few chocolate chips and turn this into a delicious dessert, too!

~ Natalie

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