After the storm, came…

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… Apple Pie!


As news channels this morning reveal stories of devastation across the south coast of England, I am beyond thankful we escaped the wrath of St. Jude.

As we hesitantly looked out across our neighbourhood, it’s difficult to tell anything even happened. But oh my goodness, that wind! How we escaped without damage is beyond  me. Never have I have seen or heard anything like it.

So, when I answered our door mid-morning and saw my elderly neighbour stood there, I feared something terrible had happened.

Alas, she was just reporting the news that her poor, delightful apple tree had taken a battering and her prized garden was now a carpet of apples.

Bring a bucket!

apple picking

Of course, the children thought this was great fun!

basket of apples

carrying apples

storm damage

Were you affected by St. Jude?

Leave a comment below and share the impact it had on you and your neighbourhood (if any?).

~ Natalie

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    • Natalie says

      Yes, do check. The trees were shaken bare! If you have any fab apple recipes, do let me know! I have so many apples to use!

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