10lb Challenge: Week 1

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obw 10lb challenge

If I am entirely honest, I was kinda dreading the #obw10lbchallenge.

Starting just a few days before Easter and with the kids on a two-week break from school, it probably wasn’t the smartest of timings. Or was it? After year-upon-year of “the diet will start Monday” I realised that there is never a good time to start. There will always be something in the schedule and life will always throw curve balls. Every year there will be Easter, every other month there will be a school holiday. Life happens. You’ve just got to pick a day and start. And these few lbs that have snuck up on me are not going to disappear by themselves.

Week 1 Review

Starting weight: 10 stone (140 lbs) yep. I gained 6 lbs since hitting my Target Weight :(
Weight loss goal: 10 lbs
Weight loss on challenge so far: 2 lbs
Exercise: 1 swim (40 lengths), 1 swim (54 lengths), 1.5 hour walk with family

Since taking out gym membership one month ago (my Mother’s Day gift to myself!) I’m actually enjoying the exercise. Something I thought I would never, ever say. I actually find myself wanting to go back and do more. What has happened to me?!

Food-wise, ugh, it’s been Easter!

Whilst I didn’t personally have any Easter Eggs, that’s not to say chocolate didn’t pass these lips. It sure did. But what I’ve learned is that sneaking chocolate from a child so that they don’t notice a missing piece of the egg is a real art. An art that leaves you with only minuscule pieces at a time. Also, Kinnerton chocolate (aka Doc McStuffins eggs) is gross and seriously not worth the reprimand of a 5 year old.

One thing I learned in my weight loss journey, is that Success Is In The Support. Surrounding yourself with people all working towards the same goal, whether it be at home, a slimming class, or via social media – makes a real difference.

Of course, YOU have still got to do the work, but knowing you are not alone in your daily challenges and struggles (damn you, Easter bunny!) is reassuring.

I chose to make my journey public. I know that doesn’t work for everyone, but it helps me stay accountable. Seeing all your #OBW10lbChallenge updates on Instagram has been a real motivator too!

One Busy WAHM instagram

How was your first week? Leave a comment below and share! 

Be sure to use join in or follow along using #OBW10lbChallenge on Instagram and Twitter!


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  1. says

    Love your Kinnerton quote….so true!

    Weighed myself yesterday and was gutted I didn’t lose, but after reading your post I realise it’s pretty awesome not to gain over Easter!

    So, not going to dive into the nearest bakery, but keep making the small meal changes (more f&v) , and dancing to country music!

  2. says

    We’ve just gotten back from our staycation and urgh my jeans are so tight! I lost almost 3 stone 3 years ago, but have put a stone back on and sooo annoyed with myself, I am forcing myself to weigh tomorrow but really not looking forward to it! So unfair how easy it is to put on, but so hard to lose!
    Stevie x

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