10 Easy Ways To Drink More Water Every Day

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Looking at the array of empty mugs on my desk at the end of  each day, I’ve realised that I’m drinking waaaay too much tea. Actually, it’s not the tea that’s the issue, it’s the 1 sugar in each cup that’s adding up. (And no, I don’t want to quit that 1 sugar nor switch to an artificial sweetener, it’s how I like my tea). Instead, I’m working to drink more water. Water is so good for you and has so many health benefits, but it’s not always exciting or easy to drink.

Whilst nothing will ever replace that first, delightful cup of tea in the morning, here are some tips I’ve picked up along the way, that you may find helpful if you are looking to drink more water too.

Here are 10 easy ways to drink more water every day…

1. Jazz it up

I get it. Water can be so boring. But rather than reaching for a sugar-laden supermarket squash, try adding some natural zing to your water. Watermelon chunks, slices of cucumber or slices of orange, lemon, and lime – can really liven up plain old water. Let it sit in the fridge for a few hours for the flavours to infuse.

If you’re missing the fizz of your regular soda drinks, try sparkling water instead of still.

water and lemons

2. Hot or cold?

An ice-cold glass of water may seem refreshing on a hot day, but ice-cold water is hard to drink in large quantities. Experiment with different water temperatures and see what you are able to easily drink most of. Room temp may not sound so good, but it’s surprisingly easy to drink. A mug of hot water infused with lemon or ginger makes a nice warming alternative to a cup of tea.

3. There’s an app for that!

If you need a little help in drinking more water, check out Waterlogged (for iPhone) or Water Your Body for (iPhone and Android). If apps aren’t your thing, try setting a simple alarm on your phone to give you a gentle reminder it’s time to hit the (water) bottle.

iphone app

4. Get a water filter

Here in the UK, our water quality is exceptional, but if you’re not a fan of tap water there are some pretty fancy water filters on the market. Check out these BRITA Marella water filter jug’s  which come in a fun range of colours to match every kitchen or office space !

water filter jug

5. Invest in a water bottle you will actually use

If your water bottle has seen better days, invest in a new water bottle that you will actually want to use. These gorgeous fruit-infusing water bottles make drinking water easy, even on-the-go!

fruit infusing water bottle
Fruit Infusing Water Bottle

6. Mark your water bottle

Have a plain, simple water bottle? That’s fine, too.

Check out this simple yet brilliant idea to mark your water bottle and stay on track with your water throughout the day.

mark your water bottle


7. Drink from a wine glass or with a straw

It may sound crazy, but simply changing the way you drink water can have a huge positive impact on the amount you consume. Keep a jug of water on the dinner table or close by and try drinking from a wine glass. For kids, pop a fun straw into their glass and have them drink up, too!

8. Chill out

You don’t have to just drink your water. With summer just around the corner, why not make some fun ice lollies! Simply add sliced or chopped fruit to an ice lolly mould and top with water and freeze.

Top Tip: if you use cooled, boiled water your will get crystal clear lollies. Regular tap water will freeze cloudy.

fruit ice pops

9. Know the benefits of water

As well as knowing that water helps you to lose weight, learning its other benefits will have you reaching for a glass… and another. Did you know that water can help with your complexion, it flushes toxins from the body, aids digestion and so much more. Drinking plenty of water before and during a night out can help prevent or minimise the dreaded hangover, not to mention the money savings over buying more expensive drink alternatives.

10. Keep it in sight

If you’re stuck at a desk all day or spend hours driving in the car, it’s easy to forget to drink your water. Sometimes, it can be just too much effort to stop and get a drink. Keep your water close to hand and you will find it so much easier to hit your water goals each day.


Are you a water drinker? How do you drink yours?




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